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Say hello to Short Menu 3.3 for iOS

Short Menu for iOS just received a major update — every part of the app was improved and redesigned.
It inherited lots of features from its Mac companion and also comes with a new pricing model.
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Take a look at the all new Share Tunes 2

The initial version of Share Tunes was published 3 years ago. It quickly gained users and received a major update with version 1.2.
Now it is time for another major update. Since I created Share Tunes 1, lots of things have changed, which ultimately led me to rethinking Share Tunes and rewriting the whole app, while maintaining the basic concept and functional design.
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Announcing Ceceree

For the past weeks I've been working on a brand new OS X app and now I'm finally able to announce it: Ceceree.
Ceceree lets you easily create lists of apps available on iTunes, keep track of the apps you're interested in and share your lists with others.
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Bringing Quick Short to iOS

Since the first version of Short Menu for iOS I wanted to bring Quick Short to iOS. The best solution up to now was to use x-callback-urls with Launch Center Pro, but it still didn't replace the convenience of Quick Short on the Mac.
With iOS 8 this situation changed. During the WWDC keynote I already thought that extensions are the best solution to bring Quick Short to iOS. As of today Short Menu 3.1 for iOS is available on the App Store, including not one but two action extensions!
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Introducing a brand new version of Share Tunes

Today we released a brand new version of Share Tunes - it's already available on the Mac App Store and on Paddle! It provides a ton of new features and improvements. What you'll probably see first is the beautiful new icon and the gorgeous new interface. Also, Share Tunes does now have its own sharing system, so you can manage all your Twitter and Facebook accounts directly in the preferences.
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Quick Web Update, FAQs, Trial Versions & Paddle

Today we released a brand new version of Quick Web. But version 1.3.1 isn't only an update, it's a whole remake. It's completely build up from the ground, with lots of improvements.

Most of our apps are now available since a lot of months, so we got many questions during this time. We think we're now able to create an FAQ for every app. First for
Quick Web, others will follow soon.
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