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Say hello to Short Menu 3.3 for iOS

Short Menu for iOS just received a major update — every part of the app was improved and redesigned. It inherited lots of features from its Mac companion and also comes with a new pricing model.

New Services

Short Menu now supports
Rebrandly, Hive, Google, and accounts. Bitly support has been vastly improved and will authenticate you now using the web-flow, in other words you don't need a Bitly account but you can use your Twitter or Facebook account with Bitly. Weibo's URL shortener is now also available.

Better Custom Services

Custom services can be edited now after their initial configuration and support custom keywords. To learn more about custom keywords, please take a look at the
documentation (tip: there's a special tutorial for YOURLS).

Native URL Shorteners

Short Menu for Mac supports native URL shorteners since version 2.3 and now they also arrived on iOS! After enabling them in the settings they'll be used automatically, depending on the URL you want to shorten. Here's an example: you set your default service to and want to shorten an Amazon URL. If you enabled Amazon's native URL shortener in the settings, Short Menu will return an URL instead of a URL.
You can find a full list of supported services in Short Menu's


Next to the 2 action extensions, there's now a Widget for your notification center (and homescreen on 3D-touch devices). It comes in really handy as you can shorten URLs from anywhere and don't need to open Short Menu.

Blacklist & Advanced Preferences

Short Menu's internal blacklist is now editable and its URL validation behaviour can be altered using the new Advanced preferences.

What are the Pro Features?

You can use the basic functionality of Short Menu for free, which includes: URL shortening with, iCloud synced history, 2 Extensions, Widget, Blacklist and the Advanced Preferences. If you want to use the other features, you need to purchase the Pro Features.
But hold up! Users of the previous version (3.2 or earlier) who already paid for the app will get the Pro Features for free (you may need to use the "Restore Purchase" button).

There are several other little improvements and tweaks you'll experience while using the app, but why not go see for yourself using the button below?