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Quick Web Update, FAQs, Trial Versions & Paddle

Quick Web Update

Today we released a brand new version of Quick Web. But version 1.3.1 isn't only an update, it's a whole remake. It's completely build up from the ground, with lots of improvements.

- You can now configure as many URL shortcuts as you want
- You can now configure your own search services
- You can now customize the services for the Quick Web Panel
- You can now select a service in the Quick Web Panel with the arrow keys
- Added "Quick Web Menu" to have quick access to websites
- Added support for OS X Mountain Lion's notification system
- Redesigned and improved Quick Web Panel
- Redesigned preferences


Most of our apps are now available since a lot of months, so we got many questions during this time. We think we're now able to create an FAQ for every app. First for
Quick Web, others will follow soon.

Trial Versions

Also starting with
Quick Web, we're now offering trial versions of all our mac apps (others will follow). These trial versions are time limited and you can use all features 7 days long. When a trial version has expired and you like the app, you can buy it on the Mac App Store or on Paddle. But hey, what's Paddle? Read on!


Offering apps on the Mac App Store is great, but there are definetly disadvantages. So it can only be good to additionally offer apps outside the Mac App Store, espacially for the people who don't like the Mac App Store. Paddle is a great way to do this. So all our mac apps will be available on Paddle soon. Only
Quick Web is already available today.