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Introducing a brand new version of Share Tunes

Today we released a brand new version of Share Tunes - it's already available on the Mac App Store and on Paddle! It provides a ton of new features and improvements. What you'll probably see first is the beautiful new icon and the gorgeous new interface.

Also, Share Tunes does now have its own sharing system, so you can manage all your Twitter and Facebook accounts directly in the preferences. But Share Tunes 1.2 offers a lot more than this:

Added support for Spotify, Vox, Ecoute, Rdio, Sonora and Radium 3
You can now discover new music with Share Tunes' discover feature
The new feature "Auto Share" is for all the lazy people out there
You can now enable and disable services to show only the ones you use
You can now add a link to your post if you're using iTunes, Spotify or Rdio
You can now add the source to your custom sharing text (e.g. iTunes)
Added "Special Characters"-button to the sharing text editor
You can now configure an extension for favorited songs
If you post album covers on Facebook, Share Tunes will now upload them to ImageShack and attach the link to your post

You can read everything about it on Share Tunes' new designed