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Introducing a brand new version of Share Tunes

Today we released a brand new version of Share Tunes - it's already available on the Mac App Store and on Paddle! It provides a ton of new features and improvements. What you'll probably see first is the beautiful new icon and the gorgeous new interface. Also, Share Tunes does now have its own sharing system, so you can manage all your Twitter and Facebook accounts directly in the preferences.
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Quick Web Update, FAQs, Trial Versions & Paddle

Today we released a brand new version of Quick Web. But version 1.3.1 isn't only an update, it's a whole remake. It's completely build up from the ground, with lots of improvements.

Most of our apps are now available since a lot of months, so we got many questions during this time. We think we're now able to create an FAQ for every app. First for
Quick Web, others will follow soon.
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Introducing Short Menu 2.0

Short Menu 2.0 for Mac is a completely rewritten version of Short Menu. It provides a redesigned interface, performance improvements, new services and a lot more!
Short Menu now has its own service: You can currently only use the service with Short Menu for Mac. The iOS version will support soon. But is not the only new service. Droplr, CloudApp,,,,, and were also added.
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Share Tunes - now available!

Music is an important thing in life for many of us. So why don’t share your favorite music with others? The easiest way to do this is using Share Tunes.
Share Tunes is a simple menubar application which uses Mountain Lions powerful features to share your current iTunes song. You can also modify the content you want to share.
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