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Short Menu for iOS 2.0 now available!

Since yesterday you can download version 2.0 of Short Menu for iOS. It's a completly redesigned version with a new logo, a new design und many new features! We integrated iCloud, Droplr,, sharing-options and many other features to provide the best user experience.
It's a universal app and you can download it
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Short Menu 1.3 Overview

Yesterday we released version 1.3 of Short Menu. Since version 1.0 Short Menu has changed a lot. Many features have been added, the interface has been improved, graphics were updated etc.
This update, Short Menu 1.3, is the biggest Short Menu Update ever! It has about 11 new features and 5 other changes. Short Menu now also uses the features of the new OS X Version: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
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Quick Web - now available!

Our new app - Quick Web - is now available on the Mac App Store!
It's an app to open websites and search the web much faster than the normal ways! In the preferences you can set shortcuts for opening websites. Simply type in a URL, set a shortcut and now you can open this URL anytime!
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Short Menu 1.2 Update

Since yesterday you can download version 1.2 of Short Menu!
Short Menu now supports,, user-defined services, sounds and more. For the German users there are also German Growl Notifications. If you've already bought Short Menu on the Mac App Store, this is a free update! For those who haven't bought it,
here you go.
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Short Menu for iOS - Overview

Since thursday it's live on the iOS App Store - Short Menu for iOS!
It's the iOS version of the great Mac App which you can find
here. Like the Mac version it cooperates with the clipboard. On startup it takes the URL from your clipboard, after shortening it automatically copies the shorten URL. There are also 12 services you can use for shortening.
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Genius Generator - now available!

Our new app - Genius Generator - is now available on the Mac App Store!
With Genius Generator you can generate favicons, iOS icons and others. Simply drag your icon into the beautiful designed window of Genius Generator, select an icon type, click generate and choose a location!
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Short Menu 1.1 - What's new?

Today we released Short Menu 1.1 with two great new features.

With Quick Short, you can shorten URLs system-wide with a global shortcut! Simply go into the preferences, go to Quick Short, choose a service and type in a shortcut. And everytime you're pressing the shortcut, Short Menu shortens the URL from your clipboard, copies the short URL and sends a Growl Notification to you. There's no better way to shorten URLs!
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