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Take a look at the all new Share Tunes 2

The initial version of Share Tunes was published 3 years ago. It quickly gained users and received a major update with version 1.2.
Now it is time for another major update. Since I created Share Tunes 1, lots of things have changed, which ultimately led me to rethinking Share Tunes and rewriting the whole app, while maintaining the basic concept and functional design.

Share Tunes 2

To be able to justify the work put into Share Tunes 2, I published it as a paid upgrade. This doesn't force users of the old version to upgrade, as it still works and just received a bug fix update, but allows those who appreciate the value of the upgrade to get a state-of-the-art app.

New Networks

Next to Twitter and Facebook, which were already available in version 1, Share Tunes 2 adds support for Tumblr and Sina Weibo.
You can now also use any other network or third-party app available on your Mac. With the
Network Picker you can access all the services available in the default sharing menu which you can configure in your system preferences.

Time Travel

Share Tunes 2 will always save the last 3 songs you played and allows you to select and share them later.

Better Templates

If you insert the # sign in front of a placeholder, Share Tunes 2 will insert a hashtag instead of the default replacement. This allows you to easily tag your favorite #Artists or #MusicApps.
Tumblr tags and Sina Weibo hashtags are supported out of the box.

Thank you

Thanks so much for your support during the last years! This is what allowed me to create Share Tunes 2.
I hope you enjoy using Share Tunes 2 as much as I did creating it.